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Pots for Sale

I have a confession... I am addicted to pots!

It started when I painted a strawberry pot for my Momma.

I had so much fun creating w/ a pot as my canvas. After a hardy shellacking, she planted strawberries & we've been munching on them all spring. That cute little pot survived West Texas sun, winds & a hail storm or 2!

I kept painting pots...

LG pots, SM pots, MED pots, XL pots, "little dudes"... 

XXL Pots, Bulb Trays, more strawberry pots... 

As the pots began to stack up around my studio space-

I had an idea... It felt Divine to tell you the truth. 

Being blind, it's a challenge to convince employers to let me wait tables or carrying out your groceries or deliver pizzas. So the 'normal' teenage jobs are out.

But painting? IN! Even though that sounds odd for a blind kid too, I have been "arting" my whole life! I've done many commissions & here I am surrounded by pots-

Sell those suckers!

*Well- I'll sell them, you buy them ;)

-Scout :)

Commission for the Texas Tech Greenhouse & Gardens
Commission for the Texas Tech Greenhouse & Gardens
Pots for Sale: Gallery
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