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  • Scout Sonnenberg

Howdy Rowdy


Night Owl Espresso & Tea Bar

Silverton, Texas

My heart is so full. I had the opportunity to make a summer day-trip and visit w/ some amazing people. I don’t think people realize the true depth of kindness & compassion that simply sits in the souls of people who face similar obstacles. This is Rowdy, he is legally blind & runs his own coffee shop in Silverton, Texas. It shares space w/ an art gallery. His place is beyond words. There are sweet treats & sculptures & even some live actual owls. He is also a Firefighter in Silverton & serves as the department's Chaplain.

One of my callings in life is to reach back to the blind or visually impaired babies & help them; to be an older person who understands & shows compassion for them. Growing up is hard, especially when you have something that sets you apart so much. I want to tell them that it’s truly a gift to see things differently. I want to be help; hold their hand through difficult decisions; let them know that when things get tough it is not the end.

Rowdy is that person to me. We met when I was 1 of those ‘babies’ at blind camp. As a grown(er) person I have only talked w/ him once a couple of days ago, but he knew exactly what to say. Just him being himself gave me & the people around me some hope. So thank you Rowdy.

See more on their website:

Scout :)

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