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Love is Blind

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

"Love is Blind"

A couple of pages in my sketchbook. I Brailled "Love is Blind" over my sketches of eyes & an anatomic heart. (feat an accidental voice-over of the podcast I was listening to.)

This represents one of the things I love about Texas School for the Blind in Austin: we do not care what color, shape, size, flavor you are as long as your heart is good.

Honestly... if you want to cure the majority of conflict between people who look differently from 1 another, hang out w some blind kids. We are too busy judging how far away the moving truck is when we step off the curb crossing the street to judge you.

So bring your blue hair or your brown skin or you tats or your fashion-forward outfit... but also bring your good heart & your sense of humor & your patience & you willingness to see the bigger picture (because it is kind of awkward if the blind kids can 'see' better than the sighted people.) Is it really this simple? Not always. We understand complicated things too. And we are humans who get it wrong sometimes. But sometimes there are bigger fish to fry.

Scout :)

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