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"Bow Tie Boxing”

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

At our house we believe that little sweetnesses are the thread that holds together a happy heart.

Eli is one of those sweetnesses.

We have known each other since we were little.

He is smart & kind & honest & has a way of helping people see more sides of an issue by observing the little nuances involved. When I was anxious, he gave me courage. When I doubted myself, he was quick to reassure me that I was enough. When I was a blind kid in the middle of a disaster drill getting trampled in the cafeteria, he was my eyes. When I had something to say, he quieted the table so I could speak; and he listened... really listened to me.

When he was my date to the High School Band Banquet last year, it was a 'do-over' of sorts for a complicated situation in middle school. I had a dress. I found a spiffy bow tie that matched it perfectly. Instead of just tossing him a sack w the bow tie thrown in, I saw this as an opportunity to to encourage the encourager...

I got a plain white necklace box & painted it to match the tie. I personalized it. I wrote a note to tell him what a sweetness he is in my life.

I had a wonderful time. We danced a little & chatted a lot. My chair was always pulled out for me to sit & the chairs others left strewn about were pushed in so I would not trip. No cares about my white cane & a lot of care about helping me to get where I needed & what I wanted. It was a perfect night. I did not ask him if it was as great a night for him, because, of course, he would have flashed his beautiful smile with a blush in his cheeks & told me "It was the time of my life" whether it really was or not.

Art is fun & soothing & deeply healing for me... but it is also holy & a big way that I express my love for people. It is a time I use to reflect & be thankful for the people I get to create for. It is when I pray for them because it is in creating that I am closest to my creator. So here is to the sweetness that is Eli.

I know whatever road you travel will be bright & & full of hope- because you are.

Thank you for being a light.

Scout :)

#kindnessmatters #Eli

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